Association Agaisnt Women Export

AAWE Character Counts Award


AAWE CCA Mission Statement


The mission of the Association Against Women Export (AAWE) Character Counts is to seek and support female students, schools and organizations in their efforts to Teach, Enforce, Advocate, and Model the six pillars of character, which are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship



  • Advocate and reinforce The Six Pillars of Character
  • Involve female secondary schools students in programs that advocate the Six Pillars
  • Encourage schools, families, businesses, and organizations to adopt, teach, utilize, and model the Six Pillars
  • Honor female students who exemplify the traits of good character



AAWE Character Counts Award Creed



  • I commit to being responsible
  • I commit to being respectful
  • I commit to being a good citizen
  • I commit to being trustworthy
  • I commit to being fair
  • I commit to being Caring


This award will be given to students who have demonstrated Good Character, Citizenship, Respectfulness and Sense of Responsibility. The award will include a Certificate, a Plaque, a Video tape titled EBUWA and N5, 000 to each recipient.

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Ebuwa was forced to travel abroad by her mother to engage in the business of prostitution in order to facilitate the upliftment of the financial status of her family. On arrival in Europe, she fell in love with Ikpomwonsa, the man that came to her rescue when she was stranded on arrival in Europe because her aunty who she was sent to meet was in jail for related offence, "human-trafficking". "Ikpomwonsa wants to marry her". This infuriated her mother who insisted she wasn't sent to go and marry in Europe, but to go and make money---like other girls.

The agony, deception, passion, greed and tragedy that followed is what unfolds as the captivating story of Ebuwa is told. It features an anti-stigmatization appeal and a landmark judgment on murder. This tragedy of greed is told in Edo language, aided with professional cinematography.

Sponsors of the AAWE Character Counts Award

  • Mr. & Mrs. Victor Okosun (2 Awards)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Okosun (2 Awards)
  • Dr. (Mrs). Loretta Ogboro-Okor & Family (4 Awards)
  • Mr. Eric Ighodaro Idahor & Family (2 Awards)
  • Mr. Darlington Edowen (2 Awards)
  • Mr. Benny Splane (2 Awards)
  • Dr. Jim Akhere & Family (2 Awards)
  • Chief & Mrs. Charles Edosomwan (SAN) & Family (2 Awards)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Philip Osula (4 Awards)
  • Madam Alice Okojie
  • Miss Ese Omokaro
  • Engr.& Mrs. Richard Emode
  • Sir & Lady Osagie Victor Obasuyi
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Helen Asemota
  • Dr. & Mrs. Ogie Asemota
  • Ms. Claudia Grigoresco
  • Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adewumi
  • Ms. Patience Abbe
  • Mrs. Ododo Walsh (Nee Omo-Osagie)
  • The Omoruna Family Foundation
  • The Devine Ladies of Toronto Club
  • Prof. & Mrs. Chris Igodan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Osagie Igbinosa
  • Brand Life Marketing Services
  • Mr. Federal Edosomwan
  • Chief & Mrs. Charles Edosomwan (SAN)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kpobo Idudu
  • Sir & Lady Frank Oriakhi
  • Dr. Paul Eke
  • Dr. & Mrs. Lucky Anetor
  • Dr. Douglas Okor
  • Dr. Loretta Ogboro-Okor
  • Mrs. Cynthia Omo-Osagie
  • Mr. Eric Idahor
  • Dr. & Mrs. Osaheni Collins Osula
  • Prof. & Mrs. Peter Aghimen
  • Ms. Pat Abbe
  • Prof. & Mrs. Edo Aikhonbare
  • Ms. Bolaji Agbede
  • Chief & Mrs. Paul Agbonkpolo
  • Dr. Micheal Etomi
  • Mr. George Etomi
  • Mr. John Fadaka
  • Dr. (Mrs) Stella Osemwegie
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Franca Oboh-Ikuenobe