Association Agaisnt Women Export

Success Stories

1. AAWE’S First Graduate - Miss Joyce Omoruyi

With AAWE it was a dream come true by Miss Joyce Omoruyi It all started in 2004 as a 200level law student of University Of Benin. Before then, my only desire was to become a qualified lawyer. Little did I know that the said profession according to one of my lecturers is only for the affluence

The whole struggle started the same year. As a 200level student, I was no longer entitled to hostel accommodation. I was also introduced to a lot of courses where you need to buy expensive books and handouts from more than one lecturer for each course.

But God had a special plan for me by using my then parish priest, Rev. Fr. Cosmos A. Ojeme to reach me when AAWE scholarship came up. This became the backbone of my pursuit towards achieving a desired career objective in life.

I was not the only beneficiary of AAWE scholarship, my entire family also benefited from it. With the regular stipend I could pay for my school fees, accommodation, and dues, buy my books, foodstuff, assist my family etc. This was a great relief to my parents.

AAWE maintained this scholarship throughout my undergraduate program and extended it to my postgraduate studies in Nigerian Law School, Bwari-Abuja. With this I was able to maintain a high level of concentration on my studies. I did not have to go begging from men whose mentality ordinarily is to take advantage of you all in the name of “nothing goes for nothing,” “use what you have to get what you want,” “money for hand back for ground,” “life is give and take.”

My achievement in life today is founded on the support I got from AAWE. To this I say my family and I are ever grateful to AAWE for taking young girls out of the street of hungry men looking for young girls to devour. I am greatly indebted to this NOBLE ORGANISATION. And I say with GOD on my side, I will extend this kind gesture to others. I will fight for human rights.

Thank God that today, I am a qualified lawyer. I am a living testimony of God’s handiwork.

Long live AAWE!

Long live it’s Founder/President!

Long live my Donor!


2.  Marian Akhuamheokhun (Student Nigeria Law school, Lagos, Nigeria)

AAWE has been of enormous benefit to me since the past six years in the area of my education. With the stipend I received each time, I was able to easily pay my school fee, buy my books, get my accommodation, feed and do other miscellaneous that enabled me have a happy schooling in the university, even up to the law school.

Am most grateful to AAWE

3. Miss Betty Daodu: (Studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Benin)

AAWE has been a saving medium for me to go through my studies successfully. I am an orphan who had so many headaches on how I can go to the university without any difficulty. But the scholarship I subsequently got from AAWE was a timely intervention and it has helped me to take care of my school fees, textbooks, handouts, and personal needs. And each day I do not seize to pray for my donor who has a heart of love and magnanimity.

4. Miss Juliet Amens Imafidon (Final Year Accounting at the University of Benin)

The Association Against Women Export has truly been a blessing to me and I will forever be grateful to them. The Association Against Women Export (AAWE) scholarship has affected my life positively through their educational program by educating me in the university. This is a GIFT of LIFE that I will never forget.

The AAWE's Scholarship has helped me to pay for university fees from the beginning of my studies to final year. The scholarship stipends also covered my books, accommodation, transportation, feeding and other personal expenses.

I am presently in my final year and working on my research project. The title of my project is Financial Accounting and Cooperate Governance. Sometimes I wonder where I would have been if not AAWE. How could I have struggled to pay my university fees? If not for AAWE, I would have ended in one of the streets in Europe or elsewhere. Thank AAWE for giving me a Better and Brighter Future. I will never forget the Association Against Women Export (AAWE). AAWE means a lot to me. Thank you and May God continue to bless you.

5. Juliet osi Aigbonoga Business Administration (University of Benin, Graduated 2008)

Juliet osi AigbonogaThis is my testimony- When I got into the university in 2004, it was a dream come true. The finance to see me through each academic semester was not easy in coming. My infrequent funds came from my uncle. I struggled for two academic sessions until help came from AAWE. I was opportune to know about AAWE through Mrs. Aghenta. My situation was brought to the knowledge of AAWE and I was interviewed and given a scholarship to finish my education. Apart from the scholarship, AAWE also kept me focused on my academic performance because I was asked to ensure that I keep having good grades. My self-esteem increased because I do not have to beg for funds for my education. I graduated with second class honours, upper division. Now I have graduated, I am married and now doing my national Youth Service in Lagos. Thanks for everything AAWE.

6. Miss Annabel Eghosa Iserhienrhien (400 Level Medical Student)

Miss Annabel Eghosa IserhienrhienUniversity of Benin, Benin-City Edo State

7. Miss Mabel O. Iyoha (300 Level Medical Student)

Miss Mabel O. IyohaUniversity of Benin, Benin-City Edo State

8. Miss Mercy Adegbeaye Ehiede (300 Level Medical Student)

Miss Mercy Adegbeaye EhiedeUniversity of Benin, Benin-City Edo State

9. Miss Josephine Alelume (300 Level Medical Student)

Miss Josephine AlelumeLadoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State